Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sustainable Christmas - gifts

The most sustainable gifts are things that your individual recipients truly need. Failing that, something that can be eaten! And failing that, something either homemade or something that by its use can lead to a more sustainable lifestyle.
This year I'm giving:
homemade rose geranium sugar
homemade calendula skin salve and aloe vera cleanser
knitted long socks
non-leaching, re-usable stainless steel water flasks

This is my absolute fail-safe ecipe for aloe vera cleanser, from Josephine Fairley
In a blender, mix together 30 ml aloe vera gel
50 ml olive oil
30 ml rosewater
4 drops rose essential oil
2 drops grapefruit seed extract (for preserving the cleanser - however I ran out of this and the cleanser still kept fine out of the fridge, during the winter at least)

If you have your family, friends and neighbours saving their cosmetics containers for you, you can repackage your own creams, stick on cute labels and voila presents for female relatives.

You can make yummy-smelling shaving oils for men too - these are so overpriced commercially - by adding a few drops of an essential oil (my man likes sandalwood, but try rosemary or eucalyptus too) to 30 ml or so of almond or olive oil. A little bit goes a really long way. One of the great things about shaving oil is you don't need moisturiser after the shave.

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