Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dug out from 'drafts'

I had these photos of things I got ready for Umi when she arrived in our family. But then she really arrived, and I never published the post :(

A kind lady in my craft group made this cat from fuzzy handmade felt. And I sewed the little doll. Afterwards, I realised it is a really good idea to put a little bell inside, if the doll is going to compete with noisy commercial toys for my baby's attention. I'm going to do that now.

Easy nappy covers made from soft fleece.

This one didn't stretch widthways- I made that silly mistake of cutting the fleece with the stretch going the wrong way. So we've put it on Wibble Wobble the doll.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Cargo Bike - great way to get around

Our house is just a little bit too far from the village for Torsten to comfortably walk. However, it's too close really to justify using the car to take him shopping. And the stroller is now Umi's property.

The Cargo Bike! With room for two kids and the shopping, plus a great rain cover - there is no longer any excuse for not getting exercise!
Andrew has been going on about this for a long time now - maybe a year?
Now that we finally have it, I really wish I let him buy it earlier. He is finally getting on top of that post-baby flab (it's not only female bodies that undergo a change during pregnancy), and Torsten loves it. He can even read mini-books on the hop (see photo).
I get a good amount of exercise too, trying to keep up on foot with the stroller...