Friday, November 7, 2008

Sewing your felted wool pull-up cover

This is to continue the last post on making a felted wool pull-up nappy cover.
Last time we talked about felting an old jumper.
For the next step, it's great to use an old pair of PVC pull ups or something else that fits your baby. Either cut out around it, making it a bit bigger to make allowance for the seams, or if it is a really yucky non-breathable plasticky thing, just unpick the seams and spread it out to make it easier to cut around. Finally a good use for those plastic things.

I used an acrylic wool one and cut in the general shape, making it a bit larger in the process.

If you don't have something you can use, there are a couple of online free patterns for training pants which you could probably use. A good one is here
However, note that this pattern has a seam at the crotch (how uncomfortable would that be!) so when you cut out the paper pattern, join this seam together and keep your wool seamless.

Now, take your cut out woolen piece and sew side seams together. Sew wide-ish hems at legs and waist, to insert pants elastic.

I make mine loose so they fit over massive night-time nappies with added boosters.

Make channels for the elastic, around the waist and around the legholes, sewing by hand if the fabric is too thick for the machine. Thread elastic through.

You're pretty much done, but since you've come this far, why not make a nice cut-out in wool felt (a sheep or something) and applique it on the bottom? :)
I'm going to do that when I finish editing and get a bit of time.

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