Thursday, November 6, 2008

Recycling an old wool jumper into a nappy cover

Making your own breathable nappy covers is really so easy. I wrote in the book that wool covers are the best for night-time use if you are using cloth nappies. They keep baby warm and dry even when there is a lot of wee. And they don't need much washing at all, as the lanolin is a self-cleaning property in the wool. But wool covers are impossibly expensive (worth it, of course, but you can't always buy even what is really worth it, right?) I really wanted some more woollen covers for Torsten to use at night, so I tried what seemed to be a really good idea - felting old jumpers and sewing them into covers. This method is tried-and-true - see a good exposition of it here However, the problem I found was that the jumpers tended to shrink too much for making a toddler-sized cover. Perfect if you're making for a newborn, of course. The other thing is that sewing the cover right up the front, as this method suggests, means you have seams right where baby wees. And seams are where wee can sometimes leak. Aaaaanyway... I found a way out. Enter felted wool pull-ups! I'm going to blog next on preparing felted wool to do this.

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