Monday, April 12, 2010

On not having blogged for a while....

Oh dear, somehow all this time elapsed without a single blog post. I'm sorry to those loyal followers who kindly signed up to follow this blog!
Living with a 3-year old and a six-month old can really swallow up your time. But it should be no excuse really.
One of the mums from Torsten's preschool (hello Vanessa!) cornered me at the local markets to tell me she had stumbled across this blog. Funny how I always imagined it was somehow invisible to anyone who might actually know me!
I am looking forward to blogging about How to Turn a Maternity Dress into a Breastfeeding Dress. Just waiting on some view-able pictures really. Stay tuned!


  1. hurrah deb, you're back in action!! i have you set for my google homepage...xx tali

  2. "six-month old"!? That went quick!

  3. Hi,

    I came across your blog a couple of weeks ago while I was searching the web for good mum/kid/sustainability blogs. Sustainable Baby is so inspiring. I bought your book straight away and subscribed to your rrs feed.

    Just recently I became a mum, my little one is 5 months old now. While I have been out of work and in my lovely bubble of motherhood I realised that there is so much mothers can do to live a more sustainable life. And mothers are often the ones who make important decisions in family life. So I decided to continue working with the community and drive behaviour change (which is my job in business life) even while I am not working.

    And that is why I started my blog Have a read, I hope you like it.

    As we both run blogs in the same area I wonder if you would like to cross promote. We could both place a link on our blogs to give us promotion and more readers.

    Let me know what you think. And keep going your good work, I love reading your blog/book.

    Angie aka Sustainable Mum