Sunday, February 7, 2010

E-C-ing in the great outdoors

Of course this is easier when there isn't anyone around, somehow.

However, after five months of this, I've now become so accustomed to it that I don't hesitate anymore to quickly whip off Umi's nappy in public parks, friends' gardens, and any other green space, and let her relieve herself. Baby wee (and even, usually, baby poo) is so innocuous - I can't imagine anyone being offended. However I suppose there ought to be some kind of social protocol around it; asking if it's OK to E-C while there are people standing around. Any ideas?


  1. you HAVE HAVE HAVE to ask first! baby wee and poo isn't offensive at all. if you come to my house and let your baby poo all over my yard i will find your actions offensive, you don't respect my property or me at all.

    At a public park or something, do we really want kids pooing all over the place? there are other kids that want to use that area that you have to consider and there will always be one killjoy at the park who will yell at you.

    I'm all for ECing but most people don't even know what this is, they will just think you are a terrible dirty mother, they don't find your baby as endearing as you do either.

    lastly, i have seen ECing work in asia, the idea isn't to let your kid toilet anywhere they like, you still have to teach them there is an appropriate place to toilet. you have to take them to the bathroom to toilet.

  2. I whole-heartedly agree with Jess's comments. It's about respect for shared space. Just as you should be respected for your parenting and baby's needs.