Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cleaning out the bathroom cabinet

It's not only baby who doesn't need all those products. I just commented the following on this US
blog about saving the environment from home. Then I thought, sustainable parents need this advice too:

Here’s a tip for not buying face cleanser or moisturiser. Have you olive oil in the cupboard? Almond oil? Do you have roses growing in the garden? Pick some rose petals and infuse them in the almond oil for a few weeks, shaking daily. Then strain and put in a disused cosmetic bottle. This is your facial oil (moisturiser).

Now for the cleanser. Wet your face and tip a bit of olive oil (food grade is fine) on your hand. Massage this over your face. It feels great! Wipe it mostly off with a warm damp facecloth. Now rub in your rose oil. Maybe if you have oily skin you can skip the rose oil altogether. However I find it great for my fairly dry and damaged skin (and what Australian past the flush of youth doesn't have damaged skin?).

No chemicals, no preservatives, parabens or sulphates. And no extra packaging!

If you have rose essential oil you can add this to the rose-infused oil. That way you don't forgo the pampering factor! It smells divine.


  1. Well done!
    Gonna give it a try.....

  2. Omedeto for the book launch.

    Oil in lieu of cosmetic products: what a good idea.

  3. Some great suggestions thanks. I wash my face with honey (it works) and bathe my daughter in almond oil.

    Coincidently I posted some recipes for homemade pantry pampering in my blog recently:

    Only just found your blog when heard about your new book on radio. Currently waiting to hear your interview on abc. Looking forward to it. Thanks for writing this book. I'm passionate about motivating others to live sustainably for the sake of our children.

  4. Hi Tricia, thanks for being enthusiastic about sustainable living and about the book - which radio station did you first hear about it? What did you think about ABC's interview this morning? Have you read the book? Sorry for so many questions :)

    I will get me fast to your blog to find your recipes, as I love trying out new edibles on my skin!

    Is honey good for dry skin too?