Thursday, March 26, 2009

Second hand nappies

If you feel moved to try washable nappies, but the initial monetary outlay seems high...
Or, if you are already using washable nappies and want to save yourself in money terms even more than the thousands per child that you already are...
Or, in a similar vein, if you want to reduce waste even further than you already are...

At least consider buying second hand nappies.
I shop on a very useful site, here, where you can browse nappies and covers for auction, among other baby-related items. You can also post used nappies of your own.
Some of the nappies have not even been used, only pre-washed. Sellers state if there are stains or pilling. Alternatively, if you are squeamish about the idea of used nappies, consider used covers - you can save yourself as much as half the price of a new one.

My tip is to browse online nappy shops (see later post on these) for an idea of what you need, what size you need it in, and how much each would cost new, so you know how much to bid, and for what, on the second-hand auction site.


  1. Hi Debbie. Abby from playgroup here. also has LOT'S of secondhand nappies for sale. There is also a US forum (I think) where you can buy secondhand nappies.

  2. Great, thank you Abby! I saw there were lots of second hand clothes there too. What a good site, thanks.