Sunday, March 8, 2009

ABC radio

I meant to blog about this the day it happened, but got struck down with a raging middle ear infection, which I'm still nursing. On Monday, I got a hurried call to talk on Deborah Cameron's Mornings show on ABC's 702 Sydney station. Deb was talking about her new sewing machine and how it was going to save her lots of money. She invited me on to talk about how to recycle fabrics around the house and 'reinvent' clothes. The thrust of her segment was saving money in these times of 'economic distress'.

Luckily I didn't have much time to get nervous - about half an hour, before we were on live.

It was so inspiring to hear from all the listeners who called in. One mum, Melinda, talked about how she turned her husband's old business shirts into light hot-weather shorts for her son. She used the pockets and cuffs as they were, into the shorts, and made Velcro closings for long pockets on the legs to keep his matchbox cars. (Was that right, Melinda?)

I've turned an old shirt of A's into pants for T and got 2 pairs of different sizes out of one shirt - it really is an economising measure! The shirt had a tear on the sleeve so was headed for rags anyway. The best part about it was that I absolutely loved that shirt; I think A might even have been wearing it the day I fell in love with him :)
It was yellow with reddy brown striped checks, made out of soft flannel. Ahhh.
I think the baby pants might just live on forever....

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