Monday, January 19, 2009

Turn an old t-shirt into pants for baby - 1

I didn't think this up myself - I saw it here, but if you have one pair of pants that fits baby really well you can duplicate the pattern so easily. Unlike T-shirts (still haven't figured out how to make these), pants are simple; just straight up and down lines, and only the crotch to refine really. I made totally unique, nowhere-else-to-be-found pants from an old sheet with a duck motif, and you can use old cotton men's shirts too, but if you use an old t-shirt as here, then you can take advantage of the bottom hems being already completed for you.

Get an old t-shirt and check the pants will fit into it.

Fold the pants legs one over the other so that the crotch is outlined, and lie it down on the t-shirt, hem to hem and outer leg of pant against outer seam of t-shirt.
Pin and cut it out, leaving about half a centimetre around the crotch and inner leg for a seam. Also leave about an extra centimetre above the waist for making a simple waistband for the elastic.

Switching the pants over, do an identical piece from the other side of the shirt.

Open each piece out and pin them both together along the curve of the crotch. Sew together (don't sew the legs yet).

Open out the pieces and you will have something that starts to look like a pair of pants. Sew up the legs now.
To be followed up...

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  1. Hi Debbie,

    That's brilliant! I am just seeing if it will let me post a comment, for some reason I haven't been able to... here goes... (by the way your writing is excellent, I love reading it, you write well & very interesting & enjoyable)