Thursday, May 13, 2010

Infant pottying out of doors, revisited

I got a few comments a while back about how to conduct infant pottying out of doors!
People seemed to think I meant it was OK to leave baby poo just lying around in spaces others are using. I didn't really mean that! I was talking mainly about wees. Babies surely should be able to pee on bushes, just like dogs (and little boys) do. I also don't really see that much of a problem with baby poo out in the bush if you cover it up afterwards with lots of earth.

When you're out and about in more frequented areas, and your baby signals that she wants to poo, however, you do need to have something up your sleeve, so to speak. Sometimes baby will give you enough notice to get to a public toilet. However, last week I went to pick up Torsten from preschool, and was sitting on the front step waiting for the doors to open when suddenly Umi announced (with a few ladylike grunts) that she wanted to poo. There was no toilet available. I was nonplussed for a moment, then remembered I had a plastic bag in my backpack. I fished it out, opened it up, and let Umi poo in it. Then I tied it up and took it home. I have no idea what the other parents thought of the process - I was too shy to meet anyone's eye! :)

A better idea would be to carry a couple of sheets of newspaper for this purpose. Not only would it be easier to aim a pooing bottom on to a spread-out sheet of paper, it would also be easier to dispose of later, and more environmentally responsible.

By the way, when I said I was nonplussed, I meant in the English sense of being perturbed, and not in the American sense of being not perturbed! That usage really nonplusses me!!


  1. I experienced a very similar situation with my daughter once and used a recycled bread bag i had in my bag in case I needed to carry wet clothes. I simply held it under her while she was squatting in my lap and i don't think people passing-by even noticed.

  2. Yay! Good thinking. How old was your daughter? My three-year old (conventionally toilet trained) still doesn't give much notice when he needs to go. I feel like I should be prepared similarly for him!

  3. Postscript: this is funny, but after commenting the above this morning, this happened to us today! Bread bag and all :)
    My three year old really needed to go and there were no toilets near. I actually had an old bread bag in the backpack!
    What we did was I squatted down with him facing away from me and also squatting, using my squatting thighs as arm rests. I held the bag under his narrow little tush and it just fit!
    I had to wipe him with a paper bag that had had our brown rice turnover in it.
    What I love about my three year old is that he handles all this with the utmost aplomb, thinking it's all totally part of the average day :)