Monday, January 11, 2010

The Cargo Bike - great way to get around

Our house is just a little bit too far from the village for Torsten to comfortably walk. However, it's too close really to justify using the car to take him shopping. And the stroller is now Umi's property.

The Cargo Bike! With room for two kids and the shopping, plus a great rain cover - there is no longer any excuse for not getting exercise!
Andrew has been going on about this for a long time now - maybe a year?
Now that we finally have it, I really wish I let him buy it earlier. He is finally getting on top of that post-baby flab (it's not only female bodies that undergo a change during pregnancy), and Torsten loves it. He can even read mini-books on the hop (see photo).
I get a good amount of exercise too, trying to keep up on foot with the stroller...


  1. lol brilliant
    my hubby wants one of the carts you pull along behind. I thought he was nuts but now i find myself googling them too. I'd never seen a bike like this though. Is it hard to maneuver?

  2. Unreal! We have been thinking of getting a cargo bike for ages so i'm very jealous. Enjoy!

  3. I am always operating the pram alongside, and apart from a truncated trip on the flat haven't even tried the cargo bike with a child inside. But my husband said it is very easy to steer. However he commented it was a bit hard to get up steep hills in spite of the 8 in-hub gears. For that reason it's great for his fitness though!

    Apparently a two-wheeled bike like this is more stable than a trike with a cargo box, despite what one might think.

  4. that's so cool deb. torsten really needs a captain's hat now and a spyglass... i am rightto assume he is the one directing???

    xx tali

  5. Awesome idea Debbie - great to see Torsten so grown up and reading! Kim Xx

  6. Oh wow...I want to have a cargo bike like that. I have two kids and I could burn some calories. Lol.