Saturday, November 7, 2009

Flannel Fings nappy

Do you like the sassy denim nappy Umi is modelling here on my mum's lap?

Tricia, who has a wonderful blog, sent this to Umi for her birth-day. Look, Tricia, it still JUST fits! The design of the all-in-one interior is really clever and fantastic for fast drying (though I didn't photograph that as Tricia tells me the current design is a bit different.)

But best of all I think is that this beautiful nappy is made entirely from reclaimed fabric - denim and flannel. Lovely and soft!

It arrived in a bag made of jeans (I'm going to sew a strap on and call it a shoulder bag) inside a compostable plastic wrapping (lucky, as it arrived in the rain), and included a pile of lovely soft face flannels made of reclaimed fabric, that reminded me of a simpler, prettier life. Tor loves these flannels - he sucks them in the bath. So much nicer than cheap terry towelling.


  1. I'm glad you are enjoying the gift Debbie :-)

  2. How cute! Thanks for sharing her blog.

  3. I notice on Tricia's site she says these nappies need a cover. I have been using it as an All In One. I didn't realise!

    Probably because I change her after every wee (she lets me know straight away), and because the nappies are so thick and absorbent (being already well-used and washed fabric), it never leaks or comes through enough to wet clothing.