Monday, October 5, 2009

Elimination Communication

I didn't blog about this or write about it much in the book. The reason was simply that I didn't have any first-hand experience with it. But elimination communication (a fancy way of saying holding the baby over a container or toilet when you think or she signals that she's about to 'go') is my latest news in bringing baby up more sustainably.

I am proud and happy to announce to everyone who may not already know it, that EC is possible and easy and really fun - right from the birth of your baby!

Read about EC at Wikipedia or on Ingrid Bauer's site.

I guarantee it to be thought-provoking!

There's a limit to how much I can blog with one hand while delicately balancing a sleeping baby on the other, so I'll have to be expanding on this later!


  1. Hi there,

    Just wanted to say that I agree. We used it with our third child and enjoyed it a lot.

    I also wanted to add some links for more info on this topic:
    “Infant Potty Training” book and “Potty Whispering” DVD

  2. Thanks for these extra links - I'm sure a DVD would be really helpful.
    I like the term potty whispering much better than EC!!

  3. Glad its working for you. I did part-time EC with my little one. I was really surprised by how well it worked. I’m keen to try for full-time EC next time round.

    Another useful site – by a lovely Australian women Chandra:

  4. Thanks Tricia. I have signed up for the 7 secrets to EC!

    I suppose 'part time' is what would describe us now, if it means using nappies as well. It's too cold round here at the moment to leave clothes off baby's bottom and legs. I use nappies without covers or AIOs to be able to quickly whip them off if she seems to be about to eliminate.

    Incidentally, I find night-time the easiest to do EC, as in the day-time there are so many other demands on your attention (like older children!)

    Also during the day you have to worry about other people and how to do this out and about and still appear in tune with others' social expectations etc. I read on one site that you should be careful of 'showing off' your prowess at EC. Well I have the opposite problem, and no doubt others will share it. I am so concerned about how 'alternative' or worse, obsessive, this will make me appear to my in-laws and friends that when they are around I either fail to respond to my baby's cues, or go into another room to do it secretly. Sometimes this is really impossible to achieve.

    I know this is silly but...

    My m in l even thinks I'm crazy for changing my baby right away if she poos in her nappy when we are out. She says it's crazy because often the baby will poo again straight away. The idea that I wouldn't want my baby sitting in poo doesn't really wash with her! (forgive the pun).

    Diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks...