Thursday, May 28, 2009

turning an adult top into a little girl's skirt

Here's a Roxy top with cute embroidery that someone handed down to me but never quite worked for me. Too short, as I remember.

Anyway, I'm glad I held on to it (as I nearly always do...thinking someone someday could re-use it). I attacked it with some scissors:

...sewed down a waistband (I cut so that about 2 cm from the bottom of the bodice remained attached)...

...threaded elastic through, and got a pretty skirt!


  1. Nice and cute! I'm always thinking to remake old clothes to something new, but never have a chance and a bag of those colothes is getting full!

  2. Hi Debbie, how are you? I love this skirt! You have inspired me to make skirts for my girls.

  3. Hi Tamsin, you are obviously up doing early morning computing as well! Oh how fun, please do make some skirts, and post pictures on here (is that possible?)

    Something occurred to me when op-shopping the other day - sometimes you find pretty girls' dresses but the top might be stained, or not as nice as the skirt part. You could use the same technique to make a skirt from such a dress.

    On another note, the review copies of the book arrived yesterday - did you get one? They look absolutely charming!
    I love the picture you did for the dedication to Torsten in front.
    Big hug, Debbie

  4. Nats, is that you? Thank you for commenting. I am sure you find great stuff to remake in Tokyo - are there such things as 'op shops'?
    I know there are recycle-ya-san for clothes, but they tend to be brand-name, expensive stuff, right?
    I remember garage sales always had great, good quality bargains.
    Love all the way from Australia! Debbie

  5. By the way, I still have the top half of this piece of clothing, so if anyone has any brilliant ideas about what to make with it, please tell me!
    It's pretty short as I cut off a big chunk to make the waistband. Just covers the boobs, really.

  6. I would make - I am not sure if you have this in Australia but good for gardening - arm covers like this. (
    And make coasters using other left overs!

  7. nice one!
    These arm-covers are so Japanese! I feel like starting a new trend this spring in Blackheath as I head out into the garden.
    Actually they are probably really handy in winter when you don't want compost on your extra-long jumper cuffs.
    You wouldn't need ribbing, like in the picture you linked to, just a channel for a piece of elastic. But the ribbing looks nicer.
    Do you sew the fabric onto felt, for the coasters?