Friday, February 20, 2009


No one with a heart could witness the terrible ordeal families were put through in Victoria this month, with the 'superfires' down there, without grabbing at that heart in a spasm of sympathetic pain.
It's also painful to think that 'green' policies are being blamed by conservative columnists for the fires because they stopped landowners preemptively burning vegetation on their properties months in advance of the fires..
We have also chosen to live in a bushfire-prone area - Blackheath in the Blue Mountains of NSW.
It's mainly for the abundant bush environment that we moved here, and I wouldn't want it to be tampered with on the hope that that might keep fires away.
Instead, I think every street should be provided with a concrete fire-proof bunker. This engineer thinks reinforced underground car parks could serve as shelters for members of the community to wait out fires.
Under Swiss law governments are required to provide nuclear-safe shelters for every citizen. How civilised.

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